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NEW DEVELOPMENT Happening in The Orchard Development

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About Us

The Orchard Development offers several Southeast Missouri living and business opportunities. We offer 245 acres to be used for commercial and residential development, frontage roads, utilities and other opportunities.  For more information call 573-359-2299.

Smart Growth and Walkable Communities

This development is geared toward a smart growth and walkable plan for neighborhoods, integrating residential living with commercial outlets within walking distance. These neighborhoods are marked by narrow, tree-lined streets, on street parking and buildings oriented to streets and sidewalks. These neighborhoods offer many benefits to the diversified family structures more common today, such as childless households, single parent families or roommate situations. One of the first neighborhoods named is: Crabapple Acres and is located very close to the Bonne Terre Elementary School.  Many people in these situations may not require large houses expansive lawns to care for, and may actually prefer not having to drive their cars to run simple errands.

Quality of Life

Combining stores, offices and residential areas into a walkable community promotes a safer living environment through the high presence of people on the street at any given time as well as the windows of the many storefronts offering additional eyes on the street. This close proximity of businesses and residential area also provides savings on infrastructure costs. Roads and sewer lines do not have to be laid in long distances and the costs per unit are less because they can be spread over more units.

Getting around the neighborhood is much easier as most stores, offices, schools, and transit stations are within walking distance.

In the TIF District

As stated before the Orchard Development is located in the Tax Increment Financing district. TIF funding is available for improvements on properties such as additional roads and running sewer lines to a specific site. The TIF funding does not cover the construction of buildings or houses.

Infrastructure SavingsThe smart growth concept is particularly cost-effective in existing urbanized area where infrastructure such as roadways and sewer lines already exist. In both existing and new growth areas, infrastructure outlays are also minimized due to the compact nature of neighborhoods, and infrastructure costs per unit are lower because cost can be spread over more units.

Air Quality and Transit

Situating stores, schools offices and transit stations within walkable distances help the smart growth concept to improve air quality. This plan reduces the need for separate car trips and makes public transportation more convenient for residents. The overall transportation network of the region performs better because of preplanning accessibility and designing the network according to more compact patterns.

Market Advantages and Cost Savings for Residential Development

More and more people are considering the community life of neighborhoods when choosing a new place to live. They look for diversity in housing g and the attractive public amenities associated with smart growth, such as narrow streets, front porches and garages on alleys. This offers a great competitive edge over urban developments.

Cost Savings for Commercial Development

Having transit, retail, and community serves within walking distance of the workplace is a great enticement to potential commercial developments. An affordable housing option for potential employees is also attractive. Lower parking requirements are needed, which helps reduce infrastructure cost and retailers benefit from safety and convenience of the commercial districts.


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